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The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I'm burning...

Burning Bright

Two years.

In two years, things have settled. The infested worlds are settled, content, and safe. Ansem has all but disappeared. Then again, so has Sora, leaving the world with no hero when it needs it most. Just because the other worlds are clean doesn't mean that there aren't more to be infected...

Enter Yunaleska. She died, you say, one thousand years before in Spira, did she not? True, true, she did perish. Instead of going to the Farplane, however, her heart returned to Kingdom Hearts. But on the way, she met someone very... special....

Ansem's black and twisted heart caught hold, intercepting her journey to Kingdom Hearts, and struck a deal. She would nurse him back to health, and restore him to power. In exchange, he would ressurect her for real. She agreed rather quickly - too quickly - and it was later discovered that the only reason she had a body in the first place was because of Yu Yevon, the creature who had been possessing Spira's aeons for one thousand years.

Ansem realized this rather early in the game, and paired up with Yu Yevon - the malicious spirit using Yunaleska's body as his avatar - he is rising into power, infecting new worlds. Combining his power with Yu Yevon's, Ansem did something unthinkable.

He ruptured any existing boundaries between the parallel dimensions of the past. Pulling the heroes - and even more - from their worlds, he ruptured their lives and dumped those people into the annex of the worlds: Twilight Town. Along with them went a lot of little heart-eating creatures, improved versions of Ansem's earlier creations: Neo-Heartless. Worst of all, the people have been torn from the ones they love, and must quickly choose a side, lest they perish. They need help; from each other, from those that know the heartless... from anyone and everyone.

Loyalties. Decisions. Judgements. All must be made, alliances must form, if they expect to survive. Some will get lucky; some will find good hearts and good people first. Some will even find people they know. Some... will not be so fortunate, and may even land in the hands of evil. But one way or another, good and evil will clash again, and if good doesn't find a way to win, there will be dire consequences. Facing all of this, good doesn't seem to have much of a chance, but they've done it before.

Haven't they?

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Currently accepting applications, but this RP is closed until we have gathered sufficient characters.

Please feel free to make use of the 'Contact a Mod' link if you have any questions at all.
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Y'all don't get a pretty banner right now. I'm too lazy.

Comment here; tell me why you're adding me. None of this "'cos UR SO AWESOME OMFG!!!!11onetwo1" bullshit. Give me an actual reason -- shared interest, similar views, already know you -- along with an age (so long as you're mature, it won't matter) and something to call you.

Above all, please be mature. Know how to type and spell, and don't be a douchebag or a tight-ass, and we should get along fine.

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POST SECRET [the meme].

Comment anonymously with as many of your secrets, dreams, fears, whatever you want, right here.

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